OPI classic manicure £36
within our signature manicure, you will experience the quintessential OPI prospa products combined with a relaxing massage.
OPI gel manicure £47
the crème de la crème of manicures, you will benefit from unparalleled exfoliation, moisture and protection while revelling in a combination of massage techniques designed to reduce stress and relieve tension
male manicure £25
OPI classic pedicure £42
the OPI prospa Signature pedicure includes OPI prospa products to soak, exfoliate and smooth callused feet. the service is completed with a relaxing foot and leg massage to reduce stress and relieve tension
OPI gel pedicure £49
the OPI prospa pamper pedicure includes unparalleled callus softening, exfoliation and moisture & protection. an extended foot and leg massage to reduce stress, relieve tension and leave you feeling relaxed and renewed.
male pedicure £25
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